Angry Little Asian

I have the worst luck with restaurants and businesses. I thought it'd be fun to document my experiences.

Order Date: 1/5/12
Ship Date: Never
Received Date: Never
Problem: Company did not honor promotion.

Details of Incident: There was a time when I actually liked I had placed three orders with them in the past before, averaging about $20 each time. They weren’t my favorite place to order prints, but my point is I had used them before. So one day I received a promotion code for $10 off any order. Pretty sweet right? So I went to their website and ordered a wall calendar for $2.99, add lustre coating for $0.76, USPS Priority Shipping for $5.95, and the total comes out to $9.70. I used the coupon code and the order total comes out to $0.00 and submit the order. No problem.

Most orders from Mpix ships in 24-48 hours. On January 12, I sent customer service the following email:

Email To Corporate (1/12/12): Your site states a calendar typically takes 24-48 hours to process. Is there some really good reason why the calendar I ordered has taken a week to process? It still states it’s in production.

Mpix’s Email Response (1/13/12): Unfortunately, you were ineligible for this promotion, so we cannot process your order. However, we recognize and appreciate your interest in Mpix and the time you took to create an account and/or to upload your image(s). To make it up to you, we’re offering free USPS shipping to expire 1/16/12 (FREEUSPSJAN12).

Thank you!
Mpix Customer Service

By now I’m angry. It’s not like I’ve never used their company before and I’m just trying to get free stuff from them. No, I’ve actually paid well over $100 for their prints before and all I wanted was a stupid $2.99 calendar. I also posted this on their Facebook page, which they deleted. I responded to Herb’s email asking why I was ineligible and why they never bothered to even inform me until I asked about my order. They never responded. As a photographer, I’m never using their services again nor am I referring anyone to them ever again.

Rating: F